Writer, Beware!

A publishing professional warns writers seeking book publication about the perils of vanity presses.

Dear Reader:

My main purpose in writing here is to use my knowledge as an expert publishing professional to inform authors with the truth about publishing, dispelling troublesome publishing myths.

Today I want to warn would-be “published” writers of book publishing scams.

I hope my voice is loud and clear.

When I began in this business, writers had little means of informing themselves; now, information is readily available. Despite this, book publishing scam artists have managed to become more successful than ever before. They take full advantage of widespread confusion and lack of information, and they are aided and abetted by ignorant writers who seem to endorse them, but who lack a clear understanding of what vanity publishing really is.

This is most upsetting. Forgive me for feeling I must shout my message:


Through my years as a literary agent, I’ve heard from thousands who have been victimized by these fake book publishing schemes, losing fortunes in the process, and getting little or nothing in return, sometimes not even a single copy of their printed book. I’ve seen many of their contracts, received many of their “published” books, heard many, many stories of how they were taken in by these scam artists.

I have not heard of one single instance where a writer received a profit from a vanity press. Nor have I ever heard from a writer who was ultimately pleased that they had engaged a vanity press as a means of book publishing.

Do not become one of their victims!

Copyright 2007 by Barbara Doyen. All rights reserved.

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