Is James Frey A Plagiarist, Too?

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey is alleged to be similar to Another Day in Paradise by Eddie Little, published previously.

The James Frey controversy takes another twist—the discredited bestselling author is accused of plagiarizing his nonfiction memoir, A Million Little Lies.

Not only is James Frey in trouble for publishing fiction as truth in his memoir, but he is also under suspicion of plagiarism!

Apparently, A Million Little Pieces is similar to Eddie Little’s Another Day in Paradise, according to John Dolan, who appears to have been among the first to uncover Frey’s lies in September 2005.

After the Frey controversy, A Million Little Pieces stayed on the bestseller lists, selling well and continuing to earn a lot of money.  If the charges of plagiarism are found to have any basis, the publisher might hold up payment, pending an investigation. If the plagiarism charges are found to be true, Frey might be forced to give up his earnings. However, the plagiarized author, Eddie Little, is deceased, so he won’t be the one to initiate a lawsuit.

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