HC New Browse Books Feature

Publisher HarperCollins’ website introduces their new “Browse Inside” book feature.

HarperCollins has decided to let us peruse their published books on their website.

As of today, you can browse inside over 100 titles at HarperCollins.com. But be patient, the system is still being set up and it is slow.

Over 10,000 HarperCollins new and back-listed titles have been digitized for their new “browse inside” feature, which the company says is different from other book searches online. The full line should be available soon.

In addition, the publisher is adding more audio and digital content to promote their books. This company is looking forward at a time that many are resisting change.

Congratulations, HarperCollins!

Aug 3, 2006

Copyright 2006 by Barbara Doyen. All rights reserved.

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