Crash Books: Extreme Publishing

What is a crash book and who writes them?

A literary agent discusses why a book might be written and rushed to publication in a very short time.

Occasionally I’ve had authors write and deliver a complete book manuscript in a month or less. Their topics are usually related in some way to a major media event or dramatic happening that the publisher wants to capitalize on before the public interest fades. So they rush books into print within a month or so.

Examples of the triggering event:

  • A cult leader persuades his followers to drink poison, shocking the world into wondering why.
  • A major crime trial concludes with a surprise verdict.
  • A new blockbuster book or a major movie release heightens public interest in similar or related topics.

Why rush a book into print?

Publishers know that interest is highest right after these events, causing many people to buy books to satiate their curiosity. But interest will have waned a year or two later, the time it normally takes to get a book in print and available for sale.

So publishers take extreme steps to drastically shorten the time, rushing the book into print in a few weeks or less. They are called “crash” books.

How does it happen?

Usually crashing a book means that the publisher has to bump another scheduled title, delaying its publication, to have press time for the crashed book. (Bumped books are a rarity; so authors, don’t worry about your book pubbing late.)

This is not a job for an amateur writer.

Crash book authorship requires a seasoned professional who can handle extreme deadlines and who is able to deliver excellent text requiring a light edit or no edit at all.

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