Do You Have a Website?

Readers are visiting author and publisher websites, according to advertising firm Spier New York.

A 2006 survey found that book readers were visiting publisher and author websites; half have purchased books as gifts.

18% of readers have visited a publisher’s website.

23% of readers have been to an author’s website.

These statistics were based on a survey of 813 by advertising firm Spier New York, as reported in Publisher’s Weekly. This data is likely significantly higher now.

More encouraging data from the survey:

50% had purchased a book as a gift in the past year; 86% of these bought 2 books.

Where did readers buy gift books?

According to the 2006 Spier report, 28% had bought a gift book online; 89% bought a gift book from a retailer. (Unfortunately, the survey did not ask readers if their online purchases came from publisher or author websites.)

What can writers and publishers take away from this survey?

  • Books are still popular gifts.
  • Authors and publishers websites are becoming an increasingly important vehicle to connect with readers, especially younger readers.

We recommend that all of our authors have their own websites, in addition to their publisher’s website.

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