Why Best Seller Lists Are Important

Ever dream of being on a bestseller book list? Here are some benefits for you beyond the prestige of being identified as a best selling author.

A literary agent discusses why bestselling book lists are valuable for authors, publishers and the reading public.

What does it mean to have your book appear on one or more bestselling lists?

In a word, it means sales.

Which translates into more money for authors and publishers.

Many people scan the bestseller lists, then go out and buy the current most popular books. They like knowing what so many others are talking about, plus there is the assumption that if a book is being read by so many people, it must be worthwhile to buy and read.

Which lists are the best to be on?

The ones with the most readership, of course!

Some lists are more prestigious than others, but from an author’s standpoint, being on any bestseller list is beneficial because it brings attention to your book. The biggest obstacle to successful book sales is making the public aware that it even exists, particularly those people who would be most likely to buy it if they only knew about it.

Premium Book Promotion

Being on one or more bestselling lists probably does more to promote an author’s books than getting one or more good book reviews.

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