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Author Business

What writers should know about being an author, working with agents and editors and how book publishing works.

Author Promotion

Advice about autographs, personal appearances, and other things authors can do to promote their books.

Author Legacy

Practical and personal considerations for every author.

Book Business

Information about books and book publishing.

Book PR & Marketing:

Sales and promotion vehicles that are created by others to promote authors and their books.

Book Publishing:

Get Published

Query Letter Tips

How writers should properly approach agents or editors to sell their work.

Cover Letter Tips

After your query letter generated interest, send in your material with a cover letter.

Plagiarism and Misrepresentation

Scams Targeting Writers:

Writers should beware these schemes that take advantage of their desire to be published.

Self Publishing Books:

Learn what self-publishing is and how to tell if it might be right for you.

Writing Nonfiction: