About Doyen Literary Services, Inc.

DLS is a literary agency in its third decade of representing authors in the sales of their books to publishers. We build author careers, advising our clients in all phases of their writing, relationships with editors, promotion, etc.

* * * PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer accepting submissions.

Our Acquisition Areas

Please note that we do not represent poetry or screenplays, and we are not acquiring authors for children’s books or teen books. While previously more than half of our sales were for adult fiction, we now are interested in adult trade nonfiction.

Submission Policies—Sorry, submissions are suspended

Although we have a full stable of existing clients, we remain interested in query letters from writers who have promising trade nonfiction book projects with a large potential readership suitable for the major publishing houses.

You may send us a brief letter–no more than one page–describing your book project and telling us about yourself. We currently accept email queries–but please, no images or attachments. We’ll respond as soon as we can.

What Happens Next

If we were to offer representation, you and DLS would enter into a formal contract, authorizing us to act as your agent and to receive our commission, which is 15 percent, the industry standard.

We then advise you as to how to present your material to make it have the maximum impact on a publisher’s desk, and the marketing process begins.

Thanks for your patience

Please understand that we first consider your work. If it looks viable and it fits into our current schedule, we devise a marketing plan before we get back to you with an offer of representation. This consideration takes some time and it is usually done outside regular business hours, so your patience is appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in our agency.